Rates and Frequent Questions:

Q. What are your rates?

Hotel Rooms: average $99.00 per night.
*These rates are for 2 adults. Additional adults are $10.00 per night per adult (4 adults maximum per room). No additional fees for children.

RV Spaces: average $32 to $35.00 per night.

Idaho Good Sam RV ParksWe offer 10% Good Sam Park Discount rates to RV sites only.

Please Note: We are a seasonal, destination location. Rates are based on the time of year, size of party, etc. We do have special rates for groups and other special circumstances. Please feel free to contact us so that we may discuss your specific needs. Call (208) 865-2301

Q. Can I grill on the lodge deck?

A. No. If you are staying in the lodge you cannot grill on the deck or in any of the rooms.

Q. Do you allow smoking?

A. Smoking is not permitted in any of our rooms. Smoking areas have been provided for your relief.

Q. Do you accept AARP, Good Sams, etc.?

A. We are small and non rated by these organizations but will make every effort to apply their discounts when possible.

Q. Are you pet friendly?

A. Yes we are. There is a $10.00 pet fee for lodge guests and we do have some minor restrictions (see below)

Pet Rules:

  • Pets must be ON LEASH at all times when outside.
  • We love meeting with all of our visiting pets. However for the comfort of all our guests, PETS are not allowed in the Office/Lobby.
  • Pets must use the areas designated for their personal business and owners are expected to clean up behind.
  • Pets must remain with their owners and may NOT stay in the rooms unattended for any reason.
  • Pets may NOT sleep in the beds for any reason.