Salmon River Fishing
Staying at Rivers Fork Lodge will put you steps away from a great hole for steelhead fishing! If you like fishing, you will love steelhead fishing. Everyone should try their hand at steelhead fishing at least once in their lifetime. Once you reel in this wily fish, you may become addicted! Fishermen travel from all over the world in the spring and in the fall for steelhead fishing season on the Salmon River.

The steelhead fishing is exciting here! We offer one of the best choices for cabin rentals in Idaho for fishermen as we are ideally located along the Salmon River.

Salmon Idaho is fortunate to have premiere Steelhead fishing guides who really know where the fish are, share expert fishing techniques, are enthusiastic and are well known for making sure you don’t go hungry!

You can stay at Rivers Fork Lodge & RV Park and venture out daily with local outfitters who will take you and your family or friends out for memorable days of fishing!

Salmon, Idaho offers some of the best steelhead fishing. Steelhead fish, which are ocean run rainbow trout, spend most of their lives in the ocean. They leave the ocean and start their migration journey back to spawn in the streams of their birth. Unlike salmon, steelhead fish do not die after spawning. These amazing fish which can exceed 20 pounds, make their way up the scenic Salmon River in the fall.

If you are still on the fence about fishing in Salmon Idaho, it might help to know that Outdoor Life rated this area #2 of the 35 Best Hunting and Fishing Towns in the US!

Salmon River Fishing Report

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